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Mummy Mindset Mastery was created to provide a supportive, compassionate and non-judgmental space for mothers to learn the tools to confidently deal with the challenges that come with motherhood.

I didn’t know I needed help so bad until I started my sessions with Kosal. I knew I was suffering PND but didn’t know how to help myself. I had been twice to see a psychologist and thought that it was a waste of time – all they did was ask questions and I felt they weren’t benefiting me whatsoever.

I was fairly skeptical before I started coaching with Kosal – the first session with Kosal was very confronting, however it was also very cleansing. Throughout our sessions, Kosal asked the right questions at the right time, never pushed and was always there when I needed to talk through my feelings.

Kosal could relate and gave me the tools to deal with the overwhelming emotions I was experiencing and how to switch my negative thinking to positive. Kosal also helped me realise that by looking after myself I was also looking after my son and family.

Kosal helped me get my confidence back and thanks to her I started really enjoying being not just a mum, but a wife, daughter, sister and friend again.

Kosal was approachable and I felt completely at ease talking to her about whatever I was struggling to deal with from being out on my own without my son to no one thinking he was my child. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Kosal to any new mums I thought could use help and support – Kosal has a genuine care, compassion and understanding that made talking to her so very easy.

Thank you Kosal from the bottom of my heart.

Amanda G

I have had a series of four 1on1 sessions with Kos. I was struggling with some big issues and am now (writing this months later) free of them.

I am SO thankful for Kos being there for me at JUST the right time. She heard me.. with NO judgement and then was able to find in my story what I just could not see. She was able to allow me to see it for myself and ask me just the right questions at the right time to put my focus RIGHT where it actually needed to be.

Kos did NOT push me to a fantasy level but to a place that was right for me and my family at that time and since then, have shifted that further.
I refuse to buy into the story being a mum is ‘nothing like we thought it should be’ and to just pat each others backs as we are slowly going insane and saying ‘that’s normal’….. NO.. I don’t want that.

Kos helped me to shift out of ‘crazy mumma zone’ to a place where I could breathe, have clarity and mature discernment, not only for me but for my AMAZING children!! I can’t thank you MORE for what you ‘have done’ and what you will do for so many families!!


Danielle B

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