“Mum, you said we could play together”…                                              The 5 things You Need to be a More Present Mother

Mums wear many hats and juggle many roles so it’s easy to paralyzed by overwhelm and not know where or how to start to become more organised and how to switch off to be more present with our children.

If we can start to organise what’s going on in our mind, we can start to let go of worry and fearing that we’ve forgotten something.

So how do we start to organise our minds and our lives without losing our sanity?

  1. Let’s get organised – write down a list of all the things you need to do on a daily basis and go through the list and work out which ones can be prepared and organised beforehand. For example, meal planning so dinners are easier or getting your bag and outfit ready for work the next day.
  2. Referring to the list you wrote above in #1, work out which ones are important, urgent and which ones can wait. Write them out and add due dates (if you can) so you can visually see what needs to be done and when. Add in activities that are for you or for your relationships – date nights with your partner or friends. Date nights with yourself.
  3. This one is a bit tricky for Mums as we wear so many hats. But learning to compartmentalise our lives a little bit really helps to be present in each area of our lives. Once we leave or finish work, we need to be able to leave it behind for the day while we’re with our children.
    Now, this can be hard when you have your own business because there’s not really any set hours.
    So try establishing some set hours, then finish important and urgent tasks during those hours and when you are finished for the day, you can focus on the next task like school pick up or reading or spending time with your partner.
    Another great way to transition from one task or ‘role’ to another is practicing or finding your Third Space – I talk about it on this blog……but basically, having a few minutes to decompress and process the job you’ve been doing will help you be present and calm for your next role.
  4. Establishing good support systems are so important for consistency and staying motivated/inspired. Having a supportive, non-judgemental support network will keep you going and give you a safe space to share your experience and to brainstorm ideas or just vent.
  5. Finally, give yourself permission to organise, prioritise, compartmentalise and to ask for support. Give yourself permission to be present. Don’t get stuck in overwhelm and burn out. You deserve a life that is inspired, balanced and fulfilling. Give yourself permission to live the life you deserve and want.

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