How to get more done every week without compromising your sleep, your sanity or your family

Breakfast, school drop off & pickup, work, meal prep, dinner, snacks, after school sports, bath, bedtime, exercise, social life, self care, kids birthday parties……..

We are always trying to fit more into our days and weeks and we usually sacrifice something in order to fit more in such as sleep or time for yourself.

How can you fit not only everything you need to do but the things you want to do into your week without feeling overwhelmed and losing your cool with your kids? 

Let’s start with these simple steps:

  • On Sunday afternoon or night, ask yourself:
    “What do I want to achieve this week?”
    “What do I want to focus on this week?”
    “What is my intention this week?”
    “How do I want to feel this week?”

    Write down your answers.
  • Pick your top 3 action points for the upcoming week that will help you achieve your answers to the above questions.
  • Review your upcoming week and schedule the 3 action points in. 

I’ve also included 3 of my favourite apps and tools to help you stay on top of your week:

  1. Reminders – I am constantly asking Siri to create reminders on my phone or I manually create reminders with an alert. You’ll be able to visually see a list and tick items off as you complete them.
  2. I enter all my bills due dates, appointments, school term/holiday dates, exercise classes, medical reminders, pay days, birthdays, everything into my phone calendar which syncs to my work calendar and across all my devices. This makes it easy to review my week at a glance.
  3. I love and use the Insight Timer app for meditations that help me get to sleep, to unwind or to help with moments of overwhelm and anxiety. This helps me to be mentally and emotionally ready for the week ahead. As much as I plan, prepare and organise, I am always ready for the unexpected 🙂 

If you want to get organised and would like to be guided step by step, come join my free online workshop. Register here and let’s get you out of overwhelm and get you some time back.