Interview Series – Fitness for Mums with Nikki Knieriem

You can barely scroll through Instagram these days without seeing adorable dog videos, delicious cakes being made and bikini bodies. Sometimes those bikini bodies are those that gave birth to twins two months ago to which I think 'good for them' but not realistic for us. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I'm active. I [...]

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Your Guide to Making New Friends After Having Kids

Motherhood can be lonely and isolating. There can be days filled with just you and the kids - playing their games, talking about their things, watching their shows and more. You don’t choose for it to be lonely. Sometimes, you’re just too busy to catch up with friends for lunch or you don’t have the energy [...]

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Do you have a Third Space?

A friend of mine recently got back from a holiday and was talking about how she was having trouble settling back into everyday normal life and a mutual friend mentioned something called ‘the Third Space’. I had never heard of it before and went in search of it and found Dr Adam Fraser talking about this [...]

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5 Things I Did to Fall in Love with My Body

Motherhood changes a lot of things - your sleep, the way you eat (standing up, quickly scoffing something down over the sink), the way you go to the toilet (with an audience now), your hormones, your mind and your body. Never before have we been so aware of how our body changes and how it looks. [...]

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Interview Series – Sally Bellamy from Bells Budget

I've only known Sally from Bells Budget for a few months but we have become fast friends in that few months. We've talked budget, mindset, motherhood and more. Sally has a gorgeous 16 month old boy who has already travelled to Scotland and England and I've just come back from Singapore with my 3 and 4.5 [...]

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The Lens of Love – Are You Wearing Them?

It’s fair to say that our bodies change a lot after having babies, right? I mean it’s a normal thing to happen – we carry and grow a human being inside of us then it comes out of us! Plus the many sleepless nights, eating whatever we can hold in one hand and letting our bodies [...]

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My 6 Tips for Eating Out with Kids

I used to dread going out to eat with my kids. My husband and I would just spend the entire time taking one bite of our meal, helping the kids eat their meals, cleaning up and chasing after them once they had finished their meal! It got to a point where I thought, ‘there has to [...]

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